Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sick Bed

Alex is sick today. She has a fever, sore throat, ear aches, and a headache. She actually felt bad yesterday, but her fever didn't show up until the evening. So, I set up the sick bed for her on the couch for when she wakes up.

Here are some of the things we do on sick days:

...lay on the couch and stay in PJs all day LOTS of TV (we just got 2 movies in from Netflix, so that'll will be an added bonus!)
...I get out a TV tray and load it with anything she needs... thermometer, tissues, drinks, etc
...drink Sprite (she rarely gets soda at home) with a bendy straw (also drinks Gatorade and clear juices)
...have popsicles anytime she wants
...have "homemade" chicken noodle soup or Ramen noodles for lunch or dinner - depending on when she's up to eating

...we have a special pink tray to eat on the couch with or a wooden one with legs if someone is sick and can't leave the bed board games & card games books computer (or DS) games - we'll probably play some on Webkinz World today - I have my own account (I have 3 Webkinz which Alex gave me... they're so cute!) and we can play in the "competition arena" against each other

It's 9:15 and I hear her waking up, so I'm off to see if she's ready to come to her Sick Bed! I'd love to hear what you do special for your kids when they're sick!


Rhonda said...

Awww I sure hope that she is feeling better soon. We do a lot of the same things that y'all do when the kiddos are not feeling well here except they are usually in their beds for the day instead of on the couch. My two younger girls LOVE Webkinz World and it is days like that I wish that I had a laptop for them to play on.

Robin said...

Give her a (((hug))) from me. I'm sorry she's so under the weather.
Weirdly enough, I feel so much more motherly when the kiddos are sick. I love fussing over them and trying to make them feel better.
It's a great excuse for me to play cards or board games with them, too.
Now listen, don't you get sick. Ok? That's all she needs. Take care of Dana too.

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