Monday, August 25, 2008

Having Fun with Andy Warhol

This week's Unplug Your Kid's theme was cylinders. I'd been planning on studying Andy Warhol and when I saw the theme I thought - "soup cans!" So, today we started a study of Warhol by reading 2 books about him and creating 2 pieces of art.

Our first "assignment" was to draw something that is a part of our every day life. Alexandra chose to draw Ovaltine (a cylinder) - something her and her cousin love to drink when they go to Grandma's.

I drew a modern "Healthy Request" can of Campbell's Soup... just like Andy.

We also tried to make some of his strangely colored portrait collages. We tried several mediums and couldn't find anything we could use to color ON Alexandra's face. So, we ended up coloring the background with markers. I still thought these turned out very neat looking.

If anyone's ever tried this (or knows of a way I can do it on my computer), I'd love to make these more colorful. I'd like to buy some watercolors and see if that would work.

We plan on studying more about Warhol this week... and making more masterpieces! So, if you have any ideas, please let me know!

Next week's theme: INSECTS


Nature Mama said...

to funny, I just came across some Andy Warhol art in a book we have and was thinking about studying him :) The only idea for the brightly colored photo collages that I can think of would be to use the software that came with your camera. Mine has an editing program built into it when you view your pics on your computer and it actually has the option to do what you wanted. Hopefully you have something similar!

C said...

On Adobe Photoshop, you can change the color of the entire picture. Or you could put the photos in Microsoft Publisher and use the paint bucket to drop color on parts of the picture (including the face). Watercolors might be cool too! Thanks for visiting our blog.

Jennifer said...

Have you tried this?

Aren't Andy Warhol things cool?

Yelli said...

I don't know anything about Andy Warhol to help but I am really impressed with your project! How neat to learn about an artist by exploring his style of art on your own!

Robin said...

I was going to lead you to the same place that Jennifer recommended. It's the same company that I did my Iditarod cards with.
I made a Warhol of GB with it, just to see how it works, and was really happy with it!

Jennifer said...

I just found this game that tells all about his life.

There is also a section in the "Make It Pop" book by Joyce Raimondo that makes Warhol type pictures by etching a picture into a piece of foam (like the meat trays) and then covering it with ink or paint and laying a piece of paper on top to make a copy of the picture in a certain color an then cleaning it and redoing it with another color and so on and so forth. They look cool when they are all put together. Similar to this but it looks better in teh book becasue they color the whole page and you don't see any white.

I'm all inspired now. Think I'll try this all out with the kids. :)

Anonymous said...

Great take on the cylinder theme.

I don't know what kind of program you have but a low tech idea would be to print out on different colors of paper. Then you could cut out one part and trade it with another color to get a two toned image.

Melissa Telling said...

For next weeks theme on insects, you might want to check out this page. She has some cute bug critters made out of leaves and such.

I love your collages!

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