Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cosmosphere & Prairie Dogs

We are currently in Kansas visiting family and went to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center yesterday. Their mission statement is "honoring the past and inspiring the future of space exploration."

For the week, we also have a Flat Stanley visiting us from Iowa. Here he is outside of the museum posing with an astronaut.

Here's Alexandra in a "procedure trainer." I wish I would have copied the quote about how you have to get out of there with a can opener. I got in it, and it wasn't easy getting out!

Alexandra is standing in front of a real piece of the Berlin Wall. Her Nana told her she has 2 small pieces of it and will give her a piece.

We've been to the Cosmosphere before, but I'm always so excited to see the paririe dogs right by the highway and Lowes! There's a whole town of them! You can drive pretty close to them, but they get scared when you stop to take photos. One of them immediately started a "danger" call and they all ran to their holes.

I just read on Wikipedia and remember seeing in a video about Lewis and Clark that prairie dogs are named for their habitat (prairie) and warning call which sounds similar to a dog's bark.

And, here's one doing his warning call! He was the closest to me and he must have been telling them I was a huge threat as the others all went INSIDE their holes instead of just standing in the entrance. He would not quit his alarm until I drove away and I wondered if he would sacrifice himself so he could keep warning the others. Anyway, I think they are so cute and it's neat to have them living right in town!

By the way, it is HOT!!! Flat Stanley is pointing that out, though the car actually showed a temp of 109 at one point. I'm sure thankful we have air conditioning!


Rhonda said...

A piece of the Berlin Wall, how cool is that! Looks like a wonderful time spent in Kansas, but I do not think that I woud like those high temps at all. Whew that is hot!

How did y'all weather that tropical storm? I hope everything is ok there.

Melissa Telling said...

Very cool field trip, but way too hot for me! Our local zoo has prairie dogs, but they are pretty tame.

BTW, I get the Scholastic book club flyers and the Lucky club has a Patricia Polacco pack this month. The Keeping Quilt, My Rotten Red Headed Older Brother, and Babushka's Doll for $12.00. I'm pretty sure they are paperbacks.

jamie in rose cottage said...

Dana, I tried to email you but it came back to me. I must've got it wrong. If you go on my blog, just click the header button to email me and you can send me your address & such so I can get your prize in the mail! :-)

Melissal89 said...

The Cosmosphere looks like a really neat place! And I love your video of the prairie dog, I'll have to show the kids since we don't have them here.

Blessings, Melissa

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