Friday, August 15, 2008

32 Days

I have been out of town 32 days since the beginning of May! Close to 48 days when you include April. Yikes! But, we've had a lot of fun.

Last week, we spent the beginning of the week in Kansas where it got super hot and then cooled off. Then, I went to my brother's in Oklahoma for a 3 day weekend. We had so much fun!

On Friday, we went to visit some of his friends who live in the country. Alexandra is friends with their 2 girls who are 6.5 and 4. They went swimming, we had a cookout, and then we used their telescope to look at the moon (I have never done that! The craters were incredible!) and Venus - we could even see its moons!!!. I hope to post photos soon.

On Saturday, we went out to the lake with another of his friends. They have a trailer and several boats. We went sailing... right before a storm hit. So, we weren't gone long before we had to quickly sail for home. It was an amazing 1st time sail boat trip for both of us. In the evening, we played Wii and ordered pizza.

On Sunday, we went out to the lake again, this time with both of his friends and the kids. The kids played with dead guppies (gross!) and played in the sand. We cooked out and went canoeing. And, then we went out on a motor boat to fish. I have quite a fish story to tell, so I'm hoping my brother's friend sends me the photo they took. :-)


jamie in rose cottage said...

Wow! Lots of traveling! Sounds fun, but I think I'd pass on the dead guppies (eww!).

I've got your tea and goodies here waiting - email me (it's in my profile!) when you're back and ready for me to send that little gift! {smile}

Robin said...

Yuck on the guppies!! Ewww!
Good grief, Dana, you must be as tired as I am.
We have a telescope, and GB and I have tried to get it out and use it, but we are quite hopeless. I need someone who has used one before to come over and show us how it goes. Wanna come to Virginia? LOL!

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