Thursday, December 13, 2007

"new" bird sightings!

Since we only started birding last spring, this is our first "winter" to identify birds! And, we've had 3 new types of birds this week! Today, we identified two of them, but still haven't figured out what the third type is yet.

We have a yellow rumped warbler - see photo, which is too far away, but the best I could do. I'm looking at a new camera with a zoom lens for Christmas. My husband can use my not-so-old camera sometimes, and I'll probably continue to carry it around in my purse a lot. I'll save the "bigger"and "better" camera for birding in my backyard, nature trips, and other such things.
The second bird I haven't gotten a photo of yet. It's a titmouse! He is SO cute! And, I believe it is a black-crested titmouse, not a tufted titmouse. I'll have to check better next time I see him/her.
Anyway, Alexandra and I are really enjoying the birds. We installed a new bird-feeding pole with 4 bird feeding stations 2 nights ago. And, today, we put peanut butter and a bagel and covered it with bird seeds.
So far, the squirrels can't get to our feeders. Hopefully, it stays like that! (And, the neighbor's cat can't get to them, either!!!) We saw a little squirrel standing on her tip-toes under the feeder smelling the food. We felt sorry for her and set her out a plate of nuts and bird seed. She ate all of it except the peanut butter. :-)


live4evermom said...

I'm also looking into a new camera. As many pictures as I take I "need" one. I'd love to go birding. Maybe I should put more feeders.

Robin said...

My feeders have been getting lots of birds, too. In fact, I was just commenting to my husband this morning that we've had lots of activity lately. We have a lot of tufted titmice in our feeder, and dark eyed juncos. My dad's feeder gets lots of cardinals and blue jays, so I get jealous about that. I love to watch them and their colors are truly 'art' for the world.

Marjorie said...

Dana, I just found this neat nature blog It has great bird resources and a fun bird QUIZ for practice w/IDs I love birding in the winter - the leaves don't get in the way.

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