Saturday, December 29, 2007

finally... birds!

(Photo - Carolina Wren on my new pole system - I should get my zoom lens next week!!!)

I was going to take down our thistle sock as I hadn't seen any activity in it. Well, yesterday after we got home, I refilled the regular feeder and both suet feeders, all part of my new feeding pole system. I got home from a day at the park - I'd taken Alexandra and a neighbor girl. I was on the phone with my mom and started seeing birds, birds, and more birds!!!

There were a couple of cardinals, which have been our most frequent visitors. And about a dozen sparrows. But, I also had 3 American Goldfinches on the thistle sock!! Our first ever!! And, we had a black-capped chickadee come in and grab a beak full a few times - another first!!! Then, we had a red-bellied woodpecker come in several times. And, a mockingbird who chased everyone away except for one brave sparrow.

I decided to go out and take some photos. I got one of a finch - I'll have to download it later tonight. And, I could see the woodpecker next door. But, everyone left. I wish I would have tried some photos through the door first! Anyway, I'm so excited! Now, to buy that zoom lens....

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Robin said...

I got so frustrated by the birds leaving every time I tried to take a picture that I took the screen out of one window and keep it nice a sparkley so I can get pictures from indoors. It works pretty well.
Can't wait to see your photos! ;-)

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