Saturday, December 29, 2007

Maui: Day 4

Ok. I'm going to try to finish up posting about our trip to Maui! It seems like a long time ago, and it wasn't even a month ago!

This is Alexandra and her new friend (a Webkinz), Katie. They are in front of the pond at our resort. You can see some of the flamingos in the upper right.

We enjoyed watching as the resort got decorated for Christmas! We actually watched some of the chefs as they made this gingerbread village. It's a lot fancier than our little gingerbread house!

I missed a lot of great shots of the sky, but we really enjoyed watching the clouds, sunrises, etc. (Somehow, I don't think we ever caught a sunset - it was usually quite cloudy by evening.)

On this day, we ate seafood at Bubba Gump's. We were right on the oceanfront and saw some kids at the next table leaning out talking about crabs and how they could climb right in the window. We looked out our window and were surprised to see several crabs at the water's edge!

By the time we finished eating, it was storming and they closed our windows. We had to walk through flooded streets to get to the car (which my husband went to get for us as it was several blocks away. But, we still had to cross 2 streets.) I've never been able to wear flipflops, but thankfully I finally found a pair that would work just the night before! I put them in my bag that day and changed into them before we went out into the flooded streets. It sure saved my sandals! And, I had to wade out in the street to catch Alexandra's flip flop which washed off her feet. I even had to stop cars at the intersection. What a sight!!!

There was a free whaling museum just a short walk away from our resort and we went there twice. This was my big learning event of our trip. I read a book about whaling and went slowly through the museum and so did Alexandra. It's an incredibly fascinating part of our history and I'll have to share more later.

These are cut up "sheets" of blubber they call Bible sheets.

This is a model of a whale's skeleton - unfortunately, I've forgotten what kind! (I think it must be a right whale or a sperm whale - I'll try to figure it out.)

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Robin said...

I would have loved to watch them create that gingerbread village. I like to watch people who know what they are doing and then try in my own way to copy it.
The whale museum really looks cool. That's a daggum big skeleton!

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