Saturday, December 29, 2007

Maui: Day 5

On day 5 in Maui, we went on a submarine ride - a first for all of us. The weather was getting worse, but luckily the sub was still running as it's calmer under the ocean's surface.

As we waited, we visited the Banyan tree I remembered so well from our last visit. This is actually ONE tree with its main trunk in the center. Roots hang down in various places and in many places they've reached the ground forming secondary trunks. (I'm not sure of what they're really called.) So, it looks like a park full of trees, but it is really ONE tree. Amazing!

Here's some info from this site.
Through the years, gardeners from the Japanese community hung large pickle jars, full of water, beneath aerial roots sprouting from the banyan's long limbs. Hanging just out of their reach, the tree's roots lengthened until they reached the prepared earth bed. Once there, the light roots began to thicken, and eventually formed a series of supporting columns for the ever-lengthening branches. More than twelve decades later, standing 60 feet tall and measuring nearly one-fourth of a mile in circumference, this one tree covers more than two thirds of an acre.

Here's a photo of the sub we went on. I got seasick on the boat out to the sub and again on the sub.

Here's a video of the sub coming up out of the water - our first view of it.

A school of fish from our sub window.

My husband and Alexandra watching out the sub window - there was a window for every 2 people so we all had "front row" seats.
More fish and some coral.

Here's a view of our resort from our 9th floor balcony. It was such a beautiful view!

That night the winds kicked up and the waves got really high. If you enlarge this, you might see the surfers. This was the only day we saw them surfing off of "our" beach.


Robin said...

Oh! That tree is amazing! My dh and GB were fascinated by it.
It's too bad you got seasick. Do you usually have a problem with that, or was the wave action bumpier than usual due to the weather?
I think a sub ride would be super-fun!

Sherri said...

So many great experiences!!!

Anonymous said...

Maui! That would be my dream vacation!

lahbluebonnet said...

I remember the Banyan trees!

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