Thursday, May 24, 2012


Alice with the March Hare, Hatter and Dormouse at the Mad Tea Party
For the last couple of weeks I've been reading aloud Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll) to Alex at bedtime. Since Alex has been in a private school this year (which she finishes TOMORROW!), she's just been so busy we haven't had time to read together. We've really missed that!!! So, it was wonderful to read this delightful story together.

Alice and dormouse in pool
I've never read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland before, nor the sequel Through the Looking Glass (which we've now started). I discovered that the stories I'm familiar with are actually a combination of the two books. And, there are some characters and scenes I've never seen/heard! For example, the Dormouse in these first two photos has quite a large part in the book.

Cards painting roses red
Here's a scene that is more familiar which takes place right before Alice plays croquet with the Queen of Hearts. The cards have accidentally planted a white rose bush so they're busily painting the roses red so the queen won't shout "Off with their heads!"

Disappearing Cheshire Cat
And, I'll leave you with the disappearing Cheshire Cat. If you haven't read this classic book, I'd highly recommend it!

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lahbluebonnet said...

Awww, I read this when I was growing up. Glad you have story time back!

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