Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are? (part 2)

Alex and I have now watched the first two episodes of the American verion of Who Do You Think You Are? And, we LOVE it!!!! And... you can actually watch the full episodes online until September 18th! You can also view photos from each journey and additional video clips!

Highlights from Sarah Jessica Parker's episode

The first episode was about Sarah Jessica Parker. She amazingly traced ancestors back to both the California Gold Rush of 1849 and to the Salem Witch Trials! (And, no, I haven't found anything quite so interesting in my history.)

Highlights from Emmitt Smith's episode

The second episode was our favorite. It was about Dallas Cowboy star Emmitt Smith. (I was moved to tears multiple times during his story!) He traced his slave ancestors - and found out that some were mulatto. He even went back to Africa and visited the area where his family had probably lived before being captured and sold into slavery. What an incredible, and sad, story. But, as he said, his ancestors must have been strong people!

Don't forget... the series airs on Friday nights!


Backroad Mama said...

Hi Dana!
I just found your blog and love it. Your blog role is great too! Many new places to check out. I look forward to reading!


dstb said...

I have enjoyed watching these as well. Episodes are available on as well.


Robin said...

I loved the first one with SJP. Have I missed the one with Emmitt Smith? Or is that the one that will air on Friday? I've got to set my DVR.
Thanks for the reminder.
Is this what has rejuvenated your interest in genealogy? It sure does make me curious about my ancestors.

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