Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Traditions: Doughnut Shop

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about traditions. I really love how Robin at martinzoo has so many traditions! She is often saying, "we always..." I would love to have traditions like hers. So, I've been thinking about traditions that we have and hoping to start some new ones.

One tradition we have involves visits by Nana and Papa, my husband's parents. They were here this past weekend while my husband and I went on a short vacation. This time, they brought along my 1.5 year old nephew, Hunter. Our tradition is to go out to doughnuts on the morning they leave (which was yesterday). (This photo is from a PowerPoint slideshow I made about a month ago. Alex and I both made slideshows called "Our Traditions." We thought about all of the holidays and special days where we share traditions and created slides for those. Our last slide was entitled "traditions I wish we had..." It was really a great project and I hope to work harder at keeping traditions!)

This tradition started when Alex was very small. She used to get really upset when it was time for Nana and Papa to go home. She would cry and have a horrible day. So, we decided to give her something to look forward to - a rare treat of doughnuts! And, it worked. She would get excited when it was time for them to leave because we'd be having doughnuts. (I didn't get any great shots inside the doughnut shop, so these photos are from us saying goodbye in the parking lot.)


Rhonda said...

What a wonderful tradition and those smiles truly show how much it is enjoyed.

Robin said...

Haha! Love it! We have a donut tradition with my mother, too. Every time she comes over she brings donuts from Dunkin' Donuts. It's gotten to where Cade calls her the donut lady....LOL! I keep telling her she's gonna make me fat, but she brings them anyway because she doesn't want to disappoint Cade.
Traditions are great, as long as you don't feel hemmed in by them. Sometimes I feel like I can never do anything different because the family is SO tied into the traditions of each year.
But we have an awful lot of them that I really like, like the trip to Chuck E Cheese the day after Christmas. That's a very fun tradition that all the grandkids get into, even the older ones.

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