Friday, March 19, 2010

American Experience by PBS & Lincoln's Assassination

In Alex's online class, we just finished reading about the Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. One of the links we were given was to a PBS American Experience video entitled "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln." It is a wonderfully well done film that looks into the life of John Wilkes Booth, the conspiracy, and the death of Abraham Lincoln and its affect on the United States. The site also includes a Teacher's Resource section with links to other sites and book suggestions.

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This page of the website show upcoming shows which are usually aired on Mondays. I'm going to have to start recording these! And, from this page you can watch a lot of the videos in their entirity, though just trailers of some of them. Too bad the episode about building the Golden Gate Bridge is only a trailer! It would have been nice as we prepare for our trip to San Francisco.

P.S. I keep trying to schedule these posts so I can spread them out. But it has only worked a few times. Anyone know what my problem could be???


Rhonda said...

I love PBS and all of the resources that it has. I saw that "The Diary of Anne Frank" will be airing on PBS next month. We can't wait! I am not sure what could be wrong with the posting dates of your blog. I can't help ya there. Sorry hon.


I can't wait either. Sounds like fun. WE ARE LEAVING SO SOON!!!! Look at my blog.

Robin said...

Thanks for the great links. We are always looking for good documentary sites. There were several on that page that looked interesting to me, and I know Cade would go through bunches of them.

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