Sunday, November 08, 2009

NYC: Central Park

On Saturday (Halloween), we walked to Central Park. As we entered the park, we saw a long line of these horses & carriages for hire.

The park was gorgeous! There were a lot of leaves on the ground already, but many colored leaves in the trees, too! And, the temperature this day was around 70!

Here's a photo of Alex and her dad in front of one of the many bridges. There are a lot of bridges in Central Park and they are all different.


I hope you can see the beautiful colors on the trunk of this tree! There were a lot of these and I've been tryint to identify them online, but haven't had any success yet.

Alex and I rode on the carousel. The carousel actually goes a lot faster than most and lasts 3.5 minutes!

This beautiful part of the park is called The Mall. It is lined by American Elm. There were several musicians sitting on the benches along The Mall playing for tips.


Most of the photos I took of Alex, I tried to get the background. I was glad I took this close up shot as I really liked how it turne out.

Another shot of the beautiful fall colors near a pond.

I was excited to take Alex to The Conservatory Water. My husband and I were in NYC about 11 years ago and had watched people sail model boats on this pond. I was planning on renting a boat for us to sail! (This is where Stuard Little sailed on his boat.) Unfortunately, as you can see, the pond was already drained for the winter!!!

There are a lot of sculptures in Central Park. We had to basically wait in line for Alex to climb onto the Alice in Wonderland sculpture for a quick photo. And, it had been sprinkling and was pretty slippery, but Alex make it without a mishap.

Another beautiful tree I'd love to identify. I guess this small photo doesn't do it justice. It had large pine cones and I loved how the needles were hanging.

Next up: The Met


ilovemy5kids said...

How beautiful! I have never been here so I'm loving the picts. It makes me feel like I'm escaping with you guys.

Blessings to you,
lana @ ilovemy5kids

P.S. My weekend is much better than Friday. :)

Robin said...

I love the pictures of Central Park. It looks like such a peaceful place. I'm surprised you didn't ride the horse and carriage, though. I definitely want to do that someday.

Rhonda said...

All of those fall colors are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing the photos.

About Us said...

the 1st tree you were wondering about do you think it might be an American Sycamore? It is hard to tell the shape of the leaves in the pic, but the trunk is one of a sycamore tree.

Diane said...

What fun, to get to see in person all those places a person sees on TV and in the movies. I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing all the pics.

Dana Maize said...

The trees in the park - they are just so beautiful! Aged and lovely.

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