Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making a Comic Strip

I subbed for one of my daughter's co-op classes today. The class is using SOTW (Story of the World) I and today they were discussing the legend of the empress Lei Zu and how she discovered silk. I loved the assingment the teacher left for the children, and I honestly don't know if it was in the SOTW teacher's guide or if the teacher came up with it herself. She just left me the lesson plan.

The children's assigment was to read the legend and then create a comic strip of 5-9 frames telling the story. I enjoyed drawing alongside the children! The comics are supposed to be in color, but I haven't colored mine yet. Anyway, I thought this could be a great activity for many lessons - especially if you have children who love comics or love to draw! And so, I thought I'd share my comic with you...

Ugh!!! I've been trying to download these photos off & on all day and having the worst time getting them to load in the correct orientation. I have a Canon and I read that it is sometimes the problem. So, I did as they said and resaved the photos with a different program. I got 2 more photos with that, but I can't get the others. Anyone have any advice?


Sybille said...

Great comics! We did something similar today. While studing the first world war, we made a kind of poster with the most important scenes.

Robin said...

You could try loading them into a web program and then putting them on the blog post. I use Photobucket for my blog.
I love the cartoons that you did include, though. You did a great job. How did Alex like the assignment?

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