Saturday, November 07, 2009

Homeschool Across America!

I have been reading about a mom and her 9 year old daughter who just spent 6 weeks doing Homeschool Across America. Hmmm... that has me thinking.... (You all KNOW I'd love to do this, right?)

Oh, and I love this video of the daughter, Caroline, tap-dancing across America.

Also, I spent some time this week redoing my labels so that all of my "vacation" posts are on the sidebar together. I also deleted some rarely used labels and reorganized them alphabetically (so the vacation posts would be together) rather than in order of most used.


Rhonda said...

How sweet is that? I love it!

Teacher of One said...

That made me smile soo big! I want to go to all those places and do that. That needs to be something you & Alex add to your trips.

Robin said...

I love that! GB and I love traveling, it's only the budget that holds us back. THAT and the fact that my dh would want to go and he needs to go to a job everyday...LOL! What fun, though! I love how she incorporated the dancing into every scene.

MommyShan said...

I can't imagine how they covered the entire US in 6 weeks! We did 9 1/2 weeks and only hit the Northeast with any thoroughness. Nevertheless, it is an awesome feat! Hope you and A get to do it soon!

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