Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peaceful Ponds

Below is a review I wrote about the Peaceful Ponds unit by Cindy & Melissa. I was really very impressed with their nature study and plan on buying more of these studies! I'll use them with our nature group, too.
We finish school on Thursday (yeah!) and I think we'll go visit a pond on Thursday morning so we can use some of these amazing resources and finish our school year with some fun. I am ready for a break, though I know we'll continue to learn all summer. We have a very busy, fun-filled, education summer planned... including our biggest trip yet! (Stay tuned...)

I just finished reading Cindy & Melissa's Peaceful Ponds nature study unit. Wow!

I loved how they explain how nature study is useful to all kinds of homeschoolers, not just Charlotte Mason followers. I also really enjoyed their articles titled "Why Study Nature", "Where to Study Nature", and "Gearing Up and Being Safe." Their "Why Study Nature" article had an amazing list of things you learn while studying nature - everything from growing closer to our Creator (what could be more important than that?) to improving discrimination and memorization skills and much more!

They have TONS of ideas of things to do during a pond study - I counted almost 100 ideas between things to do "in the pond", "around the pond", "hands-on activities", and "writing and research ideas!" They also give recommendations on books to read while doing a pond study, Bible lessons that tie into ponds, and even poetry, artists & picture studies, & composers & music reference... all that tie into ponds.

Besides all of those ideas, they also give ideas on including both younger & older children & suggestions on using this nature study with a nature club or a co-op.

I highly recommend these
NaturExplorer studies. They are packed full of wonderful information and are easy to use whether you are wanting an in-depth study or just a few ideas. Cindy & Melissa have done a fabulous job and I know you and your family will enjoy these studies! I can't wait to get started!


Cindy said...

Thank you for posting this, Dana! :o)

Robin said...

These look amazing and I can't wait to try one!

Makita said...

I completely agree! I have the Wildflowers unit and was very impressed with all that it contained. They've done a remarkable job. Just goes to prove that the best products for homeschoolers are those written by homeschoolers. :D

Melissal89 said...

Thank you Dana for all of your kind words!

Blessings, Melissa

Julie said...

Hi Dana! Thanks so much for your kind comments at my place.
I've enjoyed scrolling down through here and reading your latest posts.
I lived in Houston as a teenager. I attended Lanier Jr highschool and Lamar Highschool. I can remember how humid it would get and that you could actually see the steam rise up off of the ground after it rained. I hope you've thouroughly dried out :-).
BTW, just had to mention your bush beans are awesome! Mine just "popped" out of the ground a couple of days ago.
Have a wonderful rest-of-week!
Blessings, Julie

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