Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mud dauber nests

Last week, we had a couple of mud dauber nests. My father-in-law was in town and he took them down for us.
This one was made right over our sliding glass door into the backyard. This photo was taken on Wednesday.
Two days later, the mud dauber had sealed this nest shut. When my father-in-law scraped it down, we found 4 spiders in the nest. These spiders would have provided nourishment for the baby mud daubers.

Here's the other nest that was built over one of our windows. I really think they're pretty! I love the different colors of mud in this nest!This one appears to have been abandoned as we didn't find anything in it and it hadn't changed in several days.

I found a neat YouTube video of a mud dauber making its nest, but I'm having trouble embedding it. They sure do work hard on these nests! And, it is neat seeing them make the balls of mud.


Melissal89 said...

Very cool! I've always wondered what their nests look like. Like you, I love the variations in colors of mud in them.
We may not have Mud Dauber nests, but we sure do have plenty of wasp nests to look at around here, unfortunately!

Great photos!

Blessings, Melissa

Mommy to One said...

I've chosen your blog to receive an award. You can pick it up at my blog. :-)

April said...

Very cool!!!

Robin said...

You know? I think the nests are fascinating. But it never fails to cause my heart to miss a beat when I see one on my home. Those guys are scary!
The video is amazing.

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