Friday, May 29, 2009

Expedition Africa - starts Sunday!

The History Channel will start a new, 8 part series called Expedition Africa this Sunday, May 31st. This series "retraces the 1871 journey of Henry Morton Stanley through the African interior in search of the famed Scottish explorer David Livingston."

This series looks amazing, though I will preview it as it also looks pretty scary. Four modern-day explorers attempt to retrace the steps of Stanley through the perilous African continent. There are video clips about the series at this link. And, there are lesson plans at this link. According to the site, this series would be helpful for "studying history, global studies, geography, social studies & world cultures."

If you have access to the History Channel, you might want to check this out! (Again, I haven't seen it yet so I would recommend previewing these episodes.)


Rhonda said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much for this info!

Robin said...

What a coinkydink! I have this set to my DVR to record all of them. Great minds think alike, huh?
I think this will be right up GB's alley.

{ jamie's cottage } said...

We watched a Discovery channel thing on the flood of the Kalahari last night, and it was great. Extra interesting since Ken & I will be going there in August, and the Okavango (I think I'm spelling that right!) river delta ends in Botswana, which is where we'll be. :-)

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