Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Weekend in Our Backyard

We spent some time in the backyard this weekend and found a few surprises...

a ladybug larva -I finally got a photo!
(By the way, I didn't crop it so you can enlarge it. For some reason, after I crop it, you can't enlarge it. He's got some pretty neat spikes so you might have a closer look!)

Our bush beans have lavender flowers!!! This is our first experience growing any veggies, and we're so excited!!!

And, we had to thin out our radishes and pulled this little radish up. I am really just amazed that God can create a seed with all of the knowledge necessary to turn dirt into something edible!!! No man or computer can do that, but God gave this little seed the knowledge. Amazing!

And, Alexandra found this teeny snail on the radish leaves. Isn't he cute???


Rhonda said...

Congrats on the ladybug larvae! We have started a little patio garden and the girls are having so much fun watching the plants get taller and taller. They are measuring them everyday and it is amazing how fast they are growing! Yes,it is amazing to see how God creates something wonderful out of just one tiny little seed. :0)

Caseybumpinalong said...

Great pictures!!

Dana said...

Great picture of the ladybug larva! I thought they were smaller than that - now I know what to look for. I also know just what you mean about the miracle of the seed. Every year I plant my tiny, tiny lettuce seeds in the garden, they seem so "swallowed up" by the ground, and it amazes me to see such a harvest come from them! What a Designer, huh?

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Loved reading your entry this week. Isn't it amazing what we see when we take the time to look carefully?

Great photos.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

April said...

Love the lady bug larvae! I have never seen one!

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