Saturday, April 18, 2009

Houston's Children's Museum - Newly Expanded

Last week, we went and visited Houston's Children's Museum. When Alexandra was little, we used to go there all the time and we had SO much fun. But, we kind of got burned out...

BUT.... they just expanded and redid most (all?) of the museum and it is INCREDIBLE!!! We went ahead and got a membership and hope to visit often. If you live in the area, or will visit someday, here is some of what you can see at the museum...

A large part of the museum is called KidTopia - where kids "work" to earn money that you can deposit in the bank. If your parent is good, you can even give them an allowance! The above photo is of the stock market exchange. I think we're going to have to do a little study... :-)

The veternarian's office... this is SO cute! They even have a bunch of cages which are filled with animals for you to work with. Unfortunately, we went on Good Friday and it was CROWDED!!!

The Diner - there are menus, cool ovens & deep fryers, and plenty of tables where you can wait on your mom... or your friend.

The climbing area - it is 3 stories tall!!!

The new outdoor "wet" area -looks like great fun on a hot sunny day!

And, Invention Convention. This place was SOOOOOOO neat!!! You can make all kinds of things - from rockets to launch to flying "space ships." I could have stayed here for hours... oh, except for the crowd. :-)
There was also a CyberChase area that was fun. And, we didn't go to some parts of the museum. I know they've redone the TV room - where you can operate cameras, etc.
Anyway, I was really impressed and had to share about our "new" museum!


Robin said...

What a fun museum!
We haven't been to our Science Museum in a long time and we've been thinking that it's time to go.
GB would probably be most fascinated by all those hands on activities that you guys got to enjoy.
Nice to have an old museum that now feels new, huh?

Rhonda said...

Wow! That looks like tons of fun. I would prefer to go on a day when it is not so crowded too. I am going to have to keep this place in mind next time we are in Houston. My girls were in Houston last week with their Uncle. They went to the zoo for a day but said that a lot of the animals were not out. They had fun anyway though.

live4evermom said...

I used to take my boys there when they were small but they also got tired of the same things. I might just have to take the little one since he has never gone only the big ones.

Katie Gonzalez said...

I used to love the play grocery store at the Children's Museum when I was a kid. These expansions look awesome! I love all the interactive learning experiences. I think I'll take my nephew there this summer... then I can play too!

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