Saturday, April 18, 2009

Health Update

A year ago today, I ended up in a hospital room in Missouri (the link goes to the post) while returning home from a vacation. I had blood clots in both lungs and spent a week in the hospital. My blood was "thinned out" and I went home on blood thinners.

In November, the doctor let me temporarily go off the thinners so I could be tested to see if I was at a high risk for getting more blood clots. The day after Christmas, I called the doctor and got the results - everything looked great and I could stay off of the blood thinners!

I still need to take aspirin anytime I travel, but that's about it. And, though there is a 50% chance of another blood clot within 24 months for anyone who has has had clots, I'm halfway through my 24 months and doing great! Plus, with all of the tests and since I stopped taking the oral contraceptives (which they think might have been my leading cause for clots), I am prayerfully hopeful that I will not get any more clots.

I also experienced sudden hearing loss earlier this year while having some upper respiratory problems. I went to several doctors and was told that both the hearing loss and constant ringing in my ears would be permanent (by one doctor) or it MIGHT get better (by another doctor). Well, my hearing HAS improved to the point where it isn't even techinically called "hearing loss" now! And, though the ringing in both ears is still constant, it is much quiter and I don't even notice it most of the time. In fact, sometimes I have to think about it and kind of ask myself "Is it ringing?"

I wanted to update you all and give God praise for seeing me through these difficulties the past year. He is so good and His hand has led me through these tough times. I know many of you have been through much worse, but I did want to share my story and thank you for all of your prayers. To God be the glory!


Rhonda said...

I am so happy to hear that all is going well with your health and yes, praise God! I will continue to pray for your good health.

Jimmie said...

This is wonderful news. Thanks for the update. It's so hard in the midst of it, but once you're on the other side (or a bit towards the other side), it's wonderful to look back and see His hand.

Robin said...

That is awesome, Dana. I'm so glad to hear that everything is on the mend. It was a scary time period, that's for sure.
Thanks for the update!

Sherri said...

I remember when that scary. I'm so happy that you are off of the blood thinners and doing well.
I don't take oral contraceptives. I just refuse to feel sick every month and put my body at risk. I'm glad you are off of them!
Praise God.

Michelle said...

Great news. Congrats

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