Thursday, February 05, 2009

Spelling Connections

Someone told me about the Spelling Connections website today. It has 3 areas: Word Sort (Spellign & Thinking), Complete the Sentence (Spelling & Reading), and Proofreading (Spelling & Writing). Each area covers grades 1st through 8th and has 34 problems per grade.

For example, on Word Sort, Grade 1 Unit 1 has you sort words as to whether they rhyme with "fan" or "bad." Grade 8 Unit 5 has a list of about 20 fairly long words (like repertoire and overture) which you are to sort as to "adjective" or "noun."

For Complete the Sentence Grade 1 Unit 1, you are to fill in words in a sentence like "It is (an) elm tree." Grade 8 Unit 1 has sentences like " There was a (shortage) of copper so the government made fewer pennies."

And, for proofreading, you actually drag the correct proofreading marks to the part of a sentence or paragraph to be corrected. You must also correct the spelling if the error is a spelling error.

I think we're going to try this website tomorrow, so I thought I'd pass it along!

Oh, I just noticed a 4th part to the website. A spelling bee which is also by grade! You listen to the word and then they use the word in a sentence and then you spell it.


Kris said...

This looks good--I'll have to add it on to the computer-games-you-can-play-on-school-days list.

Robin said...

I like this site, but I wish you could play these games with your own word lists.

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