Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Latitude & Longitude

Yesterday, we continued working on our Journey North Mystery Class. To save time, I had calculated the photoperiods of our 10 mystery locations this weekend. Alexandra calculated the photoperiod for our location. Then, we graphed our results (see below) and filled out our journal page for the week.

One of the journal questions asked about why you thought some of the lines went up while some of them went down. Alexandra hypothesized (correctly) that it is because we're in different parts of the world. I am so excited about Journey North and this mystery class as I know we'll both learn a lot!

We also worked on longitude and latitude using geography all the way. First, we listened to a song they have about longitude and latitude. Then, we did the "activities." Basically, this walks you through what both of those terms mean and then have you plot several points on a map.

I had planned on doing the Challenge activity at the bottom of the page (of the lady with the tattoo), but I couldn't figure it out. I was hoping to find a site where you could plug in those coordinates and it would tell you where you were, but I didn't find a site like that. And, I was wondering how we'd figure out who the mystery lady was even with those places identified! So, if you have any ideas.... we'd love to hear them!

I also have a few other activities planned for this week involving latitude and longitude. But, we are also getting ready for a Cultural Fair (like a science fair but we are doing different countries) and we have only 1 1/2 weeks to complete our project! So, that will be taking up most of our time for awhile.

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Robin said...

I couldn't get to that geography link you posted. So I wasn't sure what lady you were referring to.
Good luck with the 'Journey'

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