Friday, February 06, 2009


Alexandra (and I) started attending a Classical Conversations group in January. I will be telling you a lot more about it in the future! But, for now, I wanted to talk about one of the many subjects we cover - the fine arts. Each week, we study either an artist or a composer. Right now we've been studying artists - one per week. The tutor (teacher) reads about an artist, shows a few examples of their artwork, and then the kids get about 30 minutes to work on a project.

I really enjoyed this week's study of Lichtenstein. After reading about him and showing some of his artwork (which is often made of dots and looks like cartoons), the kids were given stamp pads and pencils with erasers. They drew their own cartoon and then got ink on their erasers and stamped dots onto their pictures.

I decided to do it a little different at home. Instead of using a pencil eraser and ink pad, we used markers. And, instead of drawing our own cartoon, we printed out Littlest Pet Shop coloring pages. I had so much fun!!! And, instead of using one color, I usually mixed 2 or even 3 colors per area to create a neat color. I had to post my pieces of art as I thought they were so cute. And, I could do this for hours!

Although we are not studying these artists as in depth as I have studied artists in the past, we are still being introduced to new artists and learning about their artwork. And, we're continuing each study at home by checking out books (I've requested the Mike Venzia book about Roy Lichtenstein) and looking at thier artwork.

Alexandra is still working on her LPS Lichtenstein-type pieces of art, so I'll share hers when she's ready.


Robin said...

Oh! How cute!
You know? I think even GB could do that.

Teacher of One said...

If you wanted to piggy back off of this artist you could do Seurat. His paintings, even 8x8 feet, were dots, pointillism. He placed colors next to each other so they'd blend in you eye. Rather than green he's put blue & yellow next to each other.

I am going to teach and American Artists class next 6weeks... so I am all inspired.

Rhonda said...

Wow! That is just cute as can be. I think that I will try this with Lindsay and see how far she goes with it. Thanks for sharing.

Makita said...

Hi Dana! The Geograhpy Book I mentioned in my blog is one I found at our library. Here is a link

The Geography Book

Gerky said...

That is so cool! What an easy art project when I am in need of something fun to do! Thanks for sharing.

I gave you a bloggy award. You can read about it here.


Diego said...

I have to admit that bloggy award is fully deserved:)
Keep posting and if you need more inspirations from free coloring pages then have a look here:
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