Sunday, October 12, 2008

More from Kleb Woods

I forgot to add a few photos from our Nature Day! So, here they are...

I found this pair of tree frogs on the outside of the nature center. Aren't they cute? And, they were so small! The larger one might have been 2 inches long. I think it's another photo that is begging for a caption, but I don't think I'll run a contest. If you'd like to leave a caption, just leave a comment!

A milkweed bug... I was proud of Alexandra for finding this one (and then we found quite a few more) and identifying it for everyone!

And, a velvet ant. I've only seen a few of these in my LIFE! So, I was excited when the kids found this on the path. One of the moms told us how this is a wingless, female wasp. (The males of this species can fly!) They are known for their extremely painful sting and also go by the name "cow killer" - because the pain could "kill a cow."

1 comment:

Robin said...

That's one potent ant!
Pretty cool, but I'm glad they don't live around here.

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