Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Lapbooks!!!

I was actually looking for some fun math activities for this fall season when I came across this free Pumpkin Lapbook from Melissa Telling at Lilliput Station. I'm tempted to use it even though it's probably too young for Alex. But, if you have some young elementary kids, this looks like a great fall project!

I think we'll be using the homeschoolshare's Stellaluna Unit instead. We'll also be doing lots of fun math games, etc, from mathwire.

Have fun learning!


Melissa Telling said...

I also have a free Thanksgiving download that has a few minibooks- also more on a preschool level, but maybe some of your readers would be interested in it. And Live and Learn Press gives their Thanksgiving lapbook (and a few others) free to everyone who joins their Yahoo Group. We did that one last year and it was pretty nice. That would be one that Alexandria could do.

Rhonda said...

Thanks so much for the link. The girls have finished their "Night Creatures" pocketbook for Halloween, now I just need to find the time to post it all. I am so far behind on blogging.

Robin said...

I love the Stellaluna link. Too bad that book is too young for GB. But he'd love all the bat info. The mathwire link IS great for us. And I can't wait to check it out in depth.

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