Thursday, October 02, 2008


The things you do for your kids... :-)
actually, I think I would have done this anyway. Alexandra was disappointed that she wasn't quite tall enough to try this bicycle at a museum in Kansas City.


Makita said...

Oh! That looks life fun! :D

Teacher of One said...

Alex's sound effects are priceless!

jamie in rose cottage said...

Oh my goodness! How fun!

Robin said...

That is SO cool!!!
I wanna do it too!
Man! Your hair is getting long! I love it!

Sherri said...

How fun! I would have done it!!!

Carrie Thompson said...

Hey kaitlin went on a bike like this in San Antonio at the science musuem and that was over two years ago...???what was the height limit? I am just wondering I didnt realize kate was that tall over two years ago! Made me think back!

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