Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hugo Cabret

Alexandra is in a homeschool book club at our local library this year. They are reading the Texas Bluebonnet nominees for 2008/2009. Then, in January, every child in Texas who has read at least 5 of these books gets to vote on them.

The first book we started (and just finished) is a LARGE book called Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. This is a wonderful story and the book itself is different than I've ever read. The book is about 550 pages long! But, there are TONS of 2-page spread pictures. In fact, sometimes you go through about 40 pages of pictures in a row! And, I just love the illustrations. I copied a few in my own book (like the one above).

We have loved learning about automata - mechanial figures like the one in the video below. I can't believe how detailed these machines from 1800's were - and there aren't any computer chips in them!

Here are some great sites you might want to visit if you read this book:

This video is of the author, Brian Selznick, and the automata that he used as inspiration for this book.

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Alex said...

We loved the Invention of Hugo Cabret here too, back in March...I even did a post too:
if you want to see!
take care,

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