Monday, June 02, 2008

Schlessinger Holiday Videos

Today, we watched the Schlessinger Memorial Day/Veterans Day video. There are at least 22 of these videos for different holidays and we've enjoyed every one we've watched.

I loved that Alexandra pointed out when she heard "Taps" being played - something she had not heard of until we did the lapbook last week.

It was neat to learn more about Arlington National Cemetery and how Robert E. Lee. had been a US officer. When the Civil War started, he resigned to go fight for the South. The North, regarding him as disloyal, decided to make his farm a graveyard for Union officers. And, this was the start of Arlington National Cemetery.

We also saw how to properly fold a flag and that it ends up as a triangle, which reminds us of the hats worn by the Patriot soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

Anyway, I just really recommend these holiday videos - they are enjoyable and educational. I'm off to request the one for Independence Day!


KAlexaLott said...

I found your blog through Freedom Academy.

I am interested in these videos but I've never heard of them. Do you get them through your library?

I enjoyed visiting today!


School for Us said...

Yes! We do get them through our library. Unfortunately, they don't have ALL the videos... I found this out as I wanted to get the one about 4th of July. Hope you can find them at yours!

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