Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Week of Summer

We've had a busy "first week of summer." Alexandra is in camp and I've been running lots of errands. I think June is just going to be a very busy month for us, and then July is pretty empty... at least for now!

Yesterday, while Alexandra was in class, I went out to take a nature walk with my camera. I've missed my nature walks! Another mom (actually a grandmother) of one of the students noticed me and pointed out a dragonfly. I took some photos and then sat down to talk with her. So, I didn't really finish my walk, but did enjoy my time outside. (I really got a pretty good photo, but you'll have to enlarge it to see it well.)
I'm still doing a lot of reading/studying about Classical education and am still not sure how we'll approach next year... but I'm pretty sure "we" will be studying Latin. And, I received Deconstructing Penguins in the mail yesterday and am considering using it as the basis for our book club next year. It teaches 2nd-5th graders about antagonists, protagonists, setting, character, etc.
I've run across some new blogs that are giving me lots of new ideas. I really intend to do lots of crafts & cooking with Alexandra this summer. So, I need to plan some of those activities. I found a "new" blog yesterday called Unplug Your Kids. She has a weekly "unplugged" craft challenge and then people come up with a project and post a link to their blog. (It's a lot like Barb's weekly Nature Challenges.) There are some GREAT ideas here and I can't wait to try some of them out!


Rhonda said...

Sounds like you are doing a lot of planning for the coming school year, but it sounds like a lot of FUN planning. :0)

Makita said...

I've gotta check out your new blog discoveries - they sound like gems.

You mentioned scrapbooking on my blog... that you miss it but disliked the mess. You MUST try digital scrapbooking! I use Photoshop Elements and it has way more capabilities than I could ever imagine using. Plus, there is no mess and you can re-use "papers" and such.


Melissal89 said...

June is absolutely flying by for us! I don't like it when we're that busy, but July should also settle down for us.

Sounds like you're doing great with your planning!


Jimmie said...

Oh, I love the unplugged blog and its weekly challenges! Thanks for linking to that! This looks right up our alley!

Robin said...

Hey Dana!
I love the dragonfly photo! As usual, you get the greatest pictures.
I wanted to pass on this web game for Alexandra. It will be fun for her while you are studying latin. GB liked it, but we didn't keep up with the latin like I was expecting to. Hopefully, we'll get back into it. I really think it helps with reading and writing.
I'm gonna go on over and check out the new blog you recommended.
Talk soon!

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