Saturday, June 07, 2008

School's "Out"

We had our "last day of school" on Thursday. This is how our week went:
  • Monday: We had a regular school day and Alexandra started some a new class at the gym - a cheer class. I also worked out.
  • Tuesday: We went to a music program, had lunch at McDonald's, and then saw the Geopalooza exhibit at our museum.
  • Wednesday: Alexandra tried a day at a new "enrichment school." It was very inexpensive and she had fun - she took a photography class, a Bible study/character class, and a tea party/book club "class." I enjoyed the few hours by talking with other moms.
  • Thursday: Alexandra loved the classes so much she went back for another day. She did a plants/gardening class, an arts & crafts class, and a writing class. I enjoyed this time by reading. Afterwards, we had lunch, went shopping in some little "shops", and bought some fudge - yum!
  • Friday: We went to our homeschool convention. I wasn't sure I wanted to go. Our dog has been sick for several days and the house was a mess (because of her messes - I'd spent hours cleaning the "spots", but they still looked BAD.) But, my husband encouraged me to go.... and I'm so glad I did! I ran into some "old" friends and went to some lectures that were so encouraging and enlightning.
  • Saturday: Bought a new carpet cleaner which I LOVE!!! (It's a Bissel SpotBot) and we cleaned the carpets. It worked!!! I finished a novel I've been reading and we played at the pool tonight - I just waded and blew up a new pool toy, but Alexandra and my husband went swimming.

I'm REALLY looking into switching to a more classical approach next year. I read The Latin Centered Curriculum this week, and am making lots of plan changes for next year. I'll write more when I have my plans better formulated.

Alexandra has camp next week (just 3 hours a day) and I plan on working out more (this week didn't go so well) and working on some projects around the house. And, I'll be planning for next year!


Jennifer said...

Loved LCC. Congratulations on another year!

Rhonda said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on finishing up! I hope that you and Alexandra have a wonderful summer!

Teacher of One said...

I just ordered LCC after reading your thoughts. It arrived today and looks wonderful!!

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