Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Afternoon Nature Walk

Last week, I went on an afternoon walk by myself, well actually with our dog, while Alexandra was in classes and we were waiting to leave for our weekend trip. I had 2 goals in mind - a "macro nature walk" and "signs of spring." So, here's my photo post.

New buds on a tree branch

Holes in a pine tree made by a woodpecker - I believe these holes had sap coming

out of them in the fall

Another type of lichen

This tree had this orange sap(?) coming out in a lot of places - perhaps it is sick???

The dog scared this spider, or I might have got a better shot - the spider is in the middle (off to the left a little) of the photo - "he" was sitting on his web, wet from rain, near the entrance to his tunnel, which he promptly hurried down when the dog scared him

A very lazy bumblebee - I took about a dozen photos

The same bumblebee - isn't he amazing?

Hopefully you can enlarge this, as there is a skink in this photo - a type of lizard that almost looks like a snake with legs - his head is near the top middle of the photo - I've only seen one about 6 or 7 times and this was my first photo! (well, I got 3 on this day)

Some insect eggs - hard to photograph!

This was fairly large - maybe the size of a dinner plate - another type of tree injury?


Jennifer said...

What fantastic photos - you've made the ordinary seem really lovely.

Katie said...

I always stop by to see your pictures. They are gorgeous. You really have a talent capturing mother nature in her finest. Great Job. Keep sharing PLEASE.

Rhonda said...

I absolutely loved looking at these photos. I had to click on every one of them to see the larger photos. Just awesome!

live4evermom said...

I tried finding that skink without enlarging but nope couldn't do it. It sure does know how to hide. You did an awesome job of capturing the great outdoors.

You should try Barb's Green Hour Challenge.

Robin said...

Once again, your pictures are outrageous!
We have a skink in GB's room (in an aquarium), and he looks just like that. I was going to get him a friend, until I heard that they actually have some kind of poison in them to protect them from predators. So he's the lone skink....LOL!
I couldn't see the spider, though. I guess I'm getting tired. I'll try again tomorrow.

Marjorie said...

Dana, I'll have to ask Caddie about the skink, but I think it is a ground skink - possibly a coal skink, but they have clearer white stripes along the black that extend to the tail. The yellow 'sap' coming out of the bark is actually a fungus. Probably witches butter or orange jelly. Cool!

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