Monday, February 11, 2008

Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

The weather was beautiful this weekend, and we just had to spend some time outside! (We also went to a science fair workshop on Saturday morning. I think we'll actually participate this year!) So, on Sunday afternoon, we spent probably 5 hours outside.

We put together a game that some family had given us for Christmas. It's kind of a cross between tether ball (which I LOVED as a kid) and tennis. We all 3 have been really enjoying it! And, every chance Alexandra got, she was outside today to play some more. (So did I.)

We also planted some seeds in a little "greenhouse" I bought last week. I really haven't had much success with growing things, but I haven't tried a lot! So, if we start trying now, maybe my daughter will be a great gardener one day. Maybe I will, too!

Anyway, we planted birdhouse gourds, dwarf sunflowers, carnations and Texas bluebonnets in our greenhouse. I'm so hoping we get some gourds! I'd love to make some little birdhouses!

Then, we went to the back of the yard to dig up an area to make a garden. We're still discussing what to plant - I want a butterfly garden and Alexandra wants a vegetable garden. My husband dug up a few big plants that needed removed. I was so disgusted by all of the aphids on the milkweed! (We'll be buying new milkweed this year.)

So, we spent a lot of time digging out weeds, etc, and we put up a little white fence. (Sorry I haven't taken any photos.) Now, we just need to make some decisions about what to plant and get it planted! Any ideas on what veggies grow easily? Neither my daughter or I eat tomatoes, so I don't think we'd probably grow them. We do eat lots of carrots and cucumbers, though.

My other question would be what is easy to grow in containers? Something for the butterflies? Or some vegetables?


Sherri said...

I hope everything blooms for you!!!

Rhonda said...

Oooh I can't wait to see photos of all of those flowers blooming. I will cross my fingers for ya. I saw that you had the mini sunflowers. They are something that I have never grown before. This is our first year growing them and I really hope that they will make it. We have some sprouts already! We have planted cucumbers and cantaloupe before. We planted them up against a fence line so that they could vine. I had to give up my little garden because all of the wild cats around here used it as their litter box! UGH! I do have lots of plants and flowers planted in pots now and they usually do very well. Well good luck on deciding what you want to grow. A butterfly garden sounds wonderful, but those fresh vegetables are so yummy.

Leila - mommyof4 said...

Tomatoes are actually really good plants to grow in large containers. All you need is a few sticks tied together or one of those inexpensive tomato cages to sit in it and you're good to go.

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