Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting Ready for the Iditarod

Since Robin and her son at Martin Zoo had so much fun following the Iditarod last year, we decided to give it a try! Today, we printed out our map of Alaska using Robin's tip to use the "poster" print option on our printer so it would print out on 4 pages. We also chose our mushers.

I chose 2 mushers, but after researching them, I've decided to narrow it down to one. Alexandra has chosen 2.
  • Mine: Dee Dee Jonrowe because of her faith and her love of the dogs. Her blog says "DeeDee has won numerous awards for the care of her dogs through her career, including the best-cared for team, the best dog care award (given by staff veterinarians), and the dog's best friend award." She "is the foremost female dog musher competing in the world today. She has both the fastest time of any woman in the history of the Iditarod and thirteen top ten finishes in her career." She is also a breast cancer survivor. She has come in 2nd on 3 different occasions and finished 4th in 2006. She was scratched in 2007.
  • Alexandra: Melissa Owens because she is the youngest female - she'll turn 18 on February 18th. She has completed four Jr. Iditarod races and was the 2005 champion. She raises and trains most of her own dogs and has worked closely with DeeDee Jonrowe the last several years. (That's my musher!!!)
  • Alexandra: Anne Capistrant which was also Robin at Martin Zoo's pick. Alexandra likes the fact the she has 2 young daughters who are 8 and 6 - just about her age! And, they are homeschooled!
So, we're ready to see what we do next! Is anyone else following/studying the Iditarod?


Teacher of One said...

ooh, maybe we will do this! When does the race start? Do I have time?

We just watched Snow Buddies and the goldens learn to mush.


Makita said...

We are! I just posted this morning. You'll have to check out the comments I received... have you received anything like that?

Robin said...

I love Alexandra's choice. I hate to admit it, but I didn't even notice how young she is.
Isn't it fun, so far?

Makita said...

I'm sorry! I suppose we stand united. :)

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