Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How Does a Caucus Work Anyway?

With it being Super Tuesday, I decided to start a little study of the election process with Alexandra. I actually joined "Homeschoolers for GOP" which is kind of like a group study on elections. We'll earn points for doing various activities as we learn about the election process.

Today, we had a very broad overview of the election process and talked about the fact that it was Super Tuesday. (Texas doesn't participate in this day and our elections will be next month.)

We also watched a very neat video about how a caucus works. I really had no idea that in a Democratic caucus, the people aren't voting using a ballot but actually moving around a room to a "corner" to support their candidate! I can't wait to learn more!

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Kris Bordessa said...

I moved from a state where there was a primary election (CA) to one that has a caucus (HI). I've been frustrated at how unorganized it seems for me to be able to throw my support behind a candidate. But it's definitely been a learning process. I remember doing a mock convention in high school, but all I remember are the red, white, and blue balloons - not the way it works. I had to go searching for an explanation so I could share it with my kids coherently.

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