Wednesday, October 17, 2007


When I arrived to pick up my daughter from a class yesterday, I saw about 50 bees in and around a puddle by the front door. I went and told the director of the program and she blocked the door and put signs up warning about the bees. We have one student and one teacher who are allergic to bees.

When we left, just about 15 minutes after I arrived, there were several HUNDRED bees swarming this puddle. And, they were in the parking lot and everything.

My daughter and I made it to our car without incident, but a couple of bees landed on her. We were even worried they'd get in the car.

What an incredible, and slightly scary, site! And, it was a neat lesson about how quickly bees can communicate!

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Robin said...

Wow! That is amazing! Good old Dana, always has her camera handy! Me, too! I just love the new digital cameras. I've been meaning to ask you what kind you use? It takes fantastic pictures.

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