Thursday, October 04, 2007

Finishing Up Explorers

We finished up our study of the explorers. Next week, we start our study of weather with our KONOS group. I wanted to post the rest of our resources for our explorers study:


  • Around the World in 100 Years - I read this book about 6 months ago on my own - this book really does a good job telling the stories of a lot of explorers
  • The Discovery of The Americas by Maestro - we liked this book - it had usually about 2 pages per explorer - nice, short, interesting summaries
  • Sir Walter Raleigh by Schlesinger - I read this whole book and then just "told" Alexandra about it - fascinating guy!!!
  • A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus by David A. Adler - we always enjoy these books!
  • The Lost Colony of Roanoke by Jean Fritz - we read the second half of this book to find out more about the possible explanations as to why this colony was lost!
  • The Story of Chocolate (DK Readers) - we read this book because chocolate was introduced to Europe because of the explorers. This book discusses Montezuma, Columbus, and Cortez among others. Great story! And, you've got to eat a little chocolate while reading this book :-)

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Kathy said...

Your Konos studies look very interesting. My dear friend uses Konos and they have a great time with it. She inspires me to do more hands-on learning than I ever thought I could.

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