Monday, October 15, 2007

Math Fun for Fall and Halloween

We've been playing some great fall & Halloween math games the past few days. I'm sorry I forgot whose blog I read about it on, but these games come from Mathwire.

A fun game to work on coordinates

On this activity (and there is also a monster), they tell you how to color each grid square, and when you're done you have a picture. Cute!

And, with these 2 guys, we were working on symmetry. This would also be great to make a Jack-o-Lantern or a leaf person.

They have TONS more fun games and activities and we've enjoyed every one of them that we've tried. So, take a look and have some fun with math this month!
P.S. Marjorie had left a comment on my opera post asking about ideas for Hansel and Gretel. At Mathwire, they also have a graphing project for a gingerbread house that looks like fun!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion of the gingerbread house and the link to your Hansel and Gretel post. It sounds like the ASO is doing the same production i.e. w/enormous puppets. I think am going to purchase a CD of the music so the kids will be familiar with it before we go. Meci beaucoups!

Robin said...

Thanks for the site, Dana! Lots of fun math games, exactly what I need!
I love those symmetry masks. And GB and I are going to have to do that monster coordinating.

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