Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Poor Robin!

When we got home from running some errands today, we saw this robin sitting at the edge of our driveway. I started to go in the driveway, then realized he didn't fly away so I backed up. I went in more carefully the second time and he still didn't move.

When we got up closer (I grabbed the camera first!), I realized it had been injured. He was missing his left eye and had another injury under this. He didn't move for several minutes and then started to hop a little.

I put on some heavy gloves and took him to the backyard for safety. It was so neat to have this little guy grabbing on to my finger (through the glove) to hang on! My heart was just breaking for this little guy and the trauma he must have went through.

I let Alexandra put on this "huge" glove and hold the bird. It was amazing to be that close to a wild bird - he never tried to peck at us or get away.

We ended up putting him in a box lying on its side behind some bushes for safety. He flapped his wings several times as we got him settled. When we got home a few hours later it was dark and we went to check on him, fearing he might be dead. He was gone! We took the flashlight and looked around, but couldn't find him. We are praying he regained his strength and was able to fly! My sister, a vet, says they often go through shock and he could have recovered and took off.

I'm amazed that this little bird was in our driveway. We've actually NEVER seen a robin in our yard. I believe God sent him to our yard knowing we'd take care of him. I read on someone's nature blog that they pray each morning that God will send them wonderful views of His creation that they can pass along. I mean to start praying this and can't believe how God has blessed us since we started "watching" nature.


Robin said...

Awww! What a heartwarming story! GB would be in heaven if he could hold that bird like Alexandra's doing.
I'm going to add that prayer to my list, also. Because ever since we've been homeschooling, we've had so many nature experiences that I never had with my two older kids. I think it's because of the slower pace of our education. And the fact that we are willing to make a learning moment from anything.
Those are REALLY cool pictures, Dana! Thanks for sharing.

Donna-Jean Breckenridge said...

Wonderful pictures, and a wonderful story! His eye is certainly on the sparrow - and robin! And I love that idea about praying for these moments.

Sherri said...

That's so cool! What an experience!

Unknown said...

We have lots of birds hit our front picture window in the morning hours. They sort of fly in and bounce off. Occasionally one will be stunned like your robin and just lay there for a little while. I always hope that a cat doesn't happen to come around at that moment to take advantage.

Wild birds can be so beautiful. We had a crow die in our backyard last year and when we went to bury him, I realized that even this very common bird had such beauty. The feathers were a shiny black with shades of blue in them.

The beauty of creation never bores me.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

MommyShan said...

Oh, Dana,
What a precious experience for you guys! You are having your own kind of "big discovery" trip this year as you have so many miraculous encounters with God's amazing creation. We think of you every time we have a big nature experience! Keep on observing and sharing with us. Oh, and your pictures are incredible!

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