Monday, July 24, 2006

the stars & the birds

We are currently on vacation in Oklahoma visiting my brother. On Saturday night, we went to visit some of his friends who live in the country. We had a great playing a card game, Sequence, while Alexandra and their 2 girls played. We also had a fish cookout with some fish they'd caught that morning.

As we were leaving late that night, I was amazed when I looked up in the sky. There were so many stars!!! It looked like a different sky than the one we see in Houston. My brother even found a satellite traveling across the sky and we watched that for a while.

When we got home to my brother's house, we were surprised when we heard the sound of wings flapping. Evidently, a large flock of birds had settled for the night in the trees around his house. We had fun clapping our hands and hearing the wings. Then, we got a flashlight and as we would shine it in the different trees, we'd hear the birds flap their wings in that tree. It was very strange! And, even stranger, we never saw a single bird!

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