Sunday, July 02, 2006

Corridor of Antiquities

On Friday, we met some friends at the art museum for a homeschool class and Creation Station. The teacher took us to the "corridor of antiquities" which features Roman, Greek, and Egyptian artifacts. She also explained what "corridor of antiquities" meant.

The children each were to pick an artifact and write a story about it. They were to make up a story about where it came from, who found it, how it got to the museum, why it was so valuable, etc. Alexandra picked an Egyptian falcon-headed canopic jar. She told a story about Elizabeth finding it and giving it to the museum. She was too shy to read it aloud to the group, but she let me read it. By the way, I thought this was a great exercise and I plan on doing it again! It'd even be fun at a zoo to tell a story about one of the animals. And then draw a picture, or course.

In Creation Station the children made Roman coins out of balsa foam, something I'd never seen before. It's a neat material as it carves so easily - you can carve it with a pencil. But, it does create a lot of "dust!" And, one of our younger friends got some in her eyes.

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