Sunday, July 02, 2006

Math Her Way

Alexandra has been amazing me with her math insights the past week or so. Last week, she asked me if I knew what an "even even" was... and, no, I didn't.

Well, it's something she made up. If you divide a number in half and it's even, and then divide it in half again and that number's even, then it's an "even even." This is a game we play - "Is 14 an even even?" "No" "Is 16 an "even even"? "Yes!"

Also, she started asking me "what do you need to add to (4) to get (6)?" (or whatever numbers). I was answering her & then giving her questions. I told her that what she is doing is called algebra, but that in algebra you say, "4 + x = 6." Then, "x = 2." She got it! (but, she prefers her way).

Sometimes I write her 4 warm-up math problems on the board in the morning. A few mornings ago, she had written 4 math problems for me: "x + 100 = 106", etc. How fun!

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