Friday, November 14, 2008

Think! club

I started a "Think! Club" based on the Think! blog. We only had one other mom and daughter this week, but I think we might have several more girls this coming week.

We did 2 of the challenges. One was to use paper clips and build something recognizable. I ended up buying paper clips at the last minute and they were shaped differently and kept breaking - but we still had fun.

The 2nd challenge we did was to make a boat of tin foil and straws and see how many pennies it would hold before it sank. Mine held 285! It was fun and we're looking forward to our club this coming week. If you haven't checked out this blog with her weekly challenges, check it out! It's fun!!!


Rhonda said...

Wow a tin foil boat holding that many pennies! I would have never believed it if I wouldn't have seen it! Cool!

Robin said...

What a great idea for a club! I wonder if folks in our group would be interested in that kind of thing. I wish we could come to yours!

Think! said...

Send us some pics from your club and we'll share them on the site! Glad to hear you're enjoying it.

Marjorie said...

Neat! It reminds me of a similar project we did after we read The Wheel on the School by DeJong. We built a little cardboard house out of shoe boxes, gave the girls an odd assortments of rubberbands, paper clips, etc. and a jar of pennies. They had to see what they could configure to hold the maximum number of pennies on the roof of the house. Great book, fun activity. I look forward to more posts on your new club.

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