Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 7 - from Door County to Madison, WI

Day 7 was our last day in Door County, WI.

I started my day early to get photos of our last sunrise in our cottage on Lake Michigan.

I walked out to get a closer photo of "our" lighthouse - the one we could see from our cottage

We took a ferry to Washington Island which is off the north end of Door County

Alex on the ferry - though it was cold out, I found I had to stay outside or get seasick...

Alex enjoyed feeding this little guy at a petting zoo on the island

We weren't even sure what he was... does anyone know?

When we got off the island, we drove around a little before heading towards Madison for our last few days of vacation. I think my sister-in-law pointed out this bird - a kingfisher!!! I've never seen one before and was thrilled... I just wish he was a little closer! (This photo was with my zoom lens)


Robin said...

I love your sunrise photo! So pretty!
Ferry rides are so much fun. I love the really long trips with lots of wind.
Your little baby animal is adorable. Is he a baby buffalo, maybe? He looks hugable. :-)

Rhonda said...

That sunrise was just beautiful and you had such a beautiful view of the lighthouse from your cabin!

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