Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day!!!

We're going to use our day to learn about (and have fun with) the election today. I'm using a few of Lapaz Learning's ideas.

We have a map to track the states tonight and a white house pop-up and figures of McCain and Obama ready to take over in D. C.

We'll also be reading a few books about elections and doing election math. Alex gets a monthly copy of Scholastic Math magazine, and this month's issue is all about elections!

If you've posted about what you're doing, please leave it in the comments so maybe we can use your ideas today, too. :-)

Oh, I also just ran across this site, and we might try some of these activities.

And more... from the site above, we went to Brain Pop and watched 3 videos: Presidential Elections, Political Parties, and Voting. I don't have a subscription, so either these are free videos or at least they're free today! Enjoy!
And, for lunch we're watching some School House Rock! episodes - including Electoral College.


Robin said...

Ok, can I admit that I'm totally stealing your ideas?
I printed out the map and chart and the pop up White House, which was WAY too cute!
Guess my plans for the day will change a bit.
Great ideas!

Rhonda said...

I loved "LaPaz" election day ideas. I went to visit there last night and thought to myself, wow I need to take a few of these ideas. LOL! Your day sounds like fun too! We went to Currclick and the girls did the mock voting. Printed out the stickers and the girls are wearing them today and we will begin our Election Day lapbook as soon as I can pull them away from the neighbors house next door. The elderly couple there are decorating their yard for Christmas and I swear it looks like Toyland there. They have so many decorations that they start a month early with the decorations!

Sherri said...

Thanks for some great links!

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