Wednesday, September 10, 2008

da Vinci & Fly Me to the Moon

Yesterday, our school went on a field trip. Yes, our museum lets homeschool "groups" of even just 2 participate in school-priced field trips. And, even though we're members of this museum, it is cheaper to go as a school!

First, we went to the special exhibit about Leonardo da Vinci. It mainly focused on his inventions, though it also show cased some of his artwork. The used his drawings to build models. We were especially excited to see this flying machine as we once built a model of it.

I also really enjoyed this model of a life bouy "in action."

We read 3 books to prepare for this trip and enjoyed all 3:

Our second part of our field trip was to see the new 3-D IMAX cartoon about the mission to the moon, "Fly Me to the Moon." Although it has gotten some bad reviews, we loved it! We even plan on seeing it again. We went to the Cosmosphere in Kansas just last month, so space travel was fresh on our minds. But, we also read the following book to prepare:


Robin said...

Wow! What a great place! I keep hoping that GB will find some way to engage in the arts. But for now, his interest isn't there.
But I love seeing the different things that you and Alex do.

eternalspring said...

I didn't know our museums would allow a group of two to qualify for a school group rate! Do you have to show a HS id card?

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