Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jamestown Part 4 of 4

We really enjoyed studying about Jamestown, John Smith, Powhatan, Pocahontas, John Rolfe, etc. I think we've finally finished it up and are moving on to the Pilgrims. We've done several projects during the past week.

We started by playing like we were archaeologists. I bought this vase for $1 at a dollar store and then used a hammer to break it into pieces. I was trying to be careful not to break it into too many places, but it was actually pretty thick and I had to hit it quite a few times. Then, we used Aileene's Tacky Glue to piece it back together. We had to let it dry after almost every piece, so this took a few days.

I was surprised at how hard it was to get the pieces to match up. By the time we got to the last 3 pieces, they wouldn't really fit! It was a great learning experience about what a tough job this is!

We went "back in time" and did this cute little project for The Lost Colony of Roanoke. It comes from "Colonial America: Easy Make & Learn Projects" by Scholastic.

We also made this neat model of Jamestown. It also came from the Scholastic book (above) and was much easier than the online model we'd started last week. This one took only about an hour to complete.
Other resources we've enjoyed:
  • The True Story of Pocahontas by Penner (Step Into Reading book)
  • Pocahontas by d'Aulaire
  • Pocahontas Nest video - we actually haven't watched this yet, but we watched it a "long" time ago and have really enjoyed the Nest videos
  • Making Thirteen Colonies by Joy Hakim - we're really enjoying this book - we've even used it 2 nights lately for bedtime reading! this is a long book and we've been reading 2.5 hours and are still near the beginning - great review for us and an intro to the Pilgrims
  • Where Americe Began: Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown video - this video shows a lot of what you would see if you went to these locations today - we only watched the Jamestown portion
  • The Real Story of Jamestown video by Discovery Channel - this video examines a drought that occured at the beginning of the Jamestown settlement and how they think this might have been the real reason there were so many deaths


Robin said...

Oh, and I like your Jamestown model better, too! Lots of details. You're doing such a good job with this unit. It's fun to be doing it at the same time. I need for my family members to quit coming over to my house so GB and I can get on with some of these cool projects.
Did you get to see our wampum yet? It doesn't look as good as the ones in Kris's book, but GB had fun doing it. Unlike that paper Jamestown replica we spent hours doing.

Robin said...

Oh, and btw, my comments are posting normally again. Weird, huh?

Marsha said...

We actually skipped that Jamestown activity! I hated to do it... but we really ran out of time and needed to move on. I think *I'm* more interested in why Croatan was on there and what happened to them than my children are.

I love your vase idea! I will definitely have to do that with my boys!!!

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