Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jamestown Part 1 of 4

We started studying Jamestown this week. The main book we are using for this study is Surviving Jamestown: the Adventures of Young Sam Collier by Karwoski. (Could someone talk me through how to add a photo of a book off of Amazon? I did it once a long time ago, but I've forgotten.) Anyway, this is a historical fiction book that really brings this time in American history alive. It's a pretty long book and will take us about 7 hours to read. We're about half way done and really enjoying it.

Another resource we used for this study, and will continue to use for early American history, is Great Colonial American Projects You Can Build Yourself by Kris Bordessa. I downloaded it free from WOWIO, but I have also ordered a copy from Amazon since it wasn't very expensive and I find a "real book" easier to handle. We read part of Chapter 1 including some review of the explorers and the Lost Colony.

We started building a model of Jamestown that we'd downloaded free from Homeschool in the Woods, but it was a lot of work and Alexandra and I decided to "give up." My friend Robin at Martin Zoo, though, finished it - wow! So, we looked at her model she posted here.

Also, my real-life friends over at The Odyssey School is just completing their 7 week (or so) trip of the east coast. They visited Jamestown and shared some comments and photos here, here, and here. I want to plan a trip to Virginia this spring!!! We'll see...

We dropped out of the KONOS group a few weeks ago, but are planning on continuing to study early American history this year. We are going to loosely follow the plans on the Our Los Banos site. We are working on Week 13 right now (Roanoake, which we already studied, and Jamestown), and hope to start on Week 14 (Pilgrims) next week.

Sorry there aren't any photos to post! We'll have more projects coming soon...

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