Monday, August 28, 2006

Photographic Odyssey

We recently went to the Amon Carter Museum in Ft. Worth. It is an art museum that primarily focuses on photography. We went for a homeschool class for my dd, but the parents also took a separate class. It was one of the best classes I've ever been to! Amazing!

The teacher was so enthusiastic and you could tell how passionate she was about the subject, the history of photography. We discussed photography for 2 hours and I could have sat for many more hours.
First of all, the history is just amazing. And, the teacher was showing us what was going on in other areas of the art-world at the same time. We also would just study a photo or picture and discuss the people, the scenery, etc. It's hard to explain how it was opening my eyes to studying art! There are pictures forever etched in my mind now!

After the "lecture", I thought, "I wish I had found a career I was passionate about." And then I realized something: while I wasn't that passionate about my career I learned while in college, I am passionate about homeschooling and am now doing something I love!

Alexandra enjoyed her class, too, and we both made new friends - which just happened to be a mother & her daughter! So, afterwards, we went out to eat at McDonald's and then back to the museum to let the girls show us around.

The girls learned, among other things, about truth in art. They learned that even pictures can lie. They studied a photo of a native American girl in front of a Navajo blanket. She wasn't a Navajo!

The children each brought something that was really "them." Alexandra brought her American Girl doll, Jess. The children had their friend take a picture of them, and then they took a picture of their object. They then had these 2 Polaroids matted which we can frame later. It was a great project and a great learning experience. We will definitely go back for their next homeschool class this spring!

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