Monday, August 28, 2006

Mount Rushmore

Alexandra sent 2 friends along with her Nana & Papa as they went on a vacation that included visiting Mount Rushmore. The 2 friends are named "Nana Bunny" and "Papa Bunny." They loved their trip and we were happy to get a scrapbook of their trip and lots of pictures.

When Nana & Papa bunny got back to our house, they brought with them a package from the original Nana & Papa. Alexandra got a map of the Badlands & the Black Hills, a Mount Rushmore postcard & figurine (I'm really just not sure what to call it), and 2 books - Y is for Yellowstone: The Story Behind the Scenery and Who Carved the Mountain? The Story of Mount Rushmore by Patrick. We really enjoyed reading this book about Mount Rushmore. I thought the best part of the book where it showed pictures of the 4 presidents "in their offices" and showed how their lifetimes were different from each other. I highly recommend it!

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